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About Us

We are the original Pinto Pools started in 1972. Although there are other quality pool companies with a very similar name, we are not associated with them. We are based in Stamford CT, where we have been from the beginning.  Most of our employees have been with us for over 20 years and a few over 30 years.

Pete Pinto knew at a very young age what he would be doing all his life. Seen here with his grandfather, Dominick Pinto (pool side of course), water was in his future. Starting with his grandfather, a master plumber, then his father, also a plumber who went on to work for his brother, Dominick Pinto Jr. (junior) From there Pete Pinto Sr. started Pinto's Pool Service in 1972 and Pete jr's journey began. Helping summers starting at 10 years old while in school and most holidays,   his youth was spent riding along with John Sunden learning from him on a daily basis. John is still with Pinto Pools to this day.


Pete has added renovation and construction of pools over the years including the knowledge of salt water pools and RicoRock aftificial rock creations. He has created a number of custom colors for quartz pool finishes for his customers involving SGM DiamondBrite products.

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